Monday, February 1, 2010

Super Beagle

Okay, not so super sometimes but still pretty cute. I feel quite sorry for our two beagles Macey and Chloe. When we first got them, we treated them like children. They slept with us, we walked them all the time and we'd snuggle with them constantly. Now they are often pushed aside while we care for the real children. I love my dogs dearly and could never part with them, even though we have toyed with the idea of finding them homes in which people would love them more. It's not that we don't love them, we just can't give them all the attention sometimes that they deserve. I would miss them terribly but I wouldn't miss the excessive dog hair that I feel like I'm cleaning up constantly and the howling. Not to mention the chewed on toys followed by lots of tears. I try to spend some time snuggling with them each day just like the kiddos but it often doesn't happen. They have a love hate relationship with each other too. One minute Macey is licking out Chloe's ear and the next she has her in a death grip with teeth snarling. They each have their own personalities too. Chloe is the super cool very laid back one but still likes a good fight and Macey is uh.....not the sharpest crayon in the box but very cute. They say that beagles are the hardest to train because they are the most stubborn. Hmmm sounds like my children too! As obnoxious as they can sometimes be, they are still a part of our family and we love them....okay, me and the kids love them the jury is still out on Lonnie.

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