Monday, February 22, 2010


So they tell me that one tooth will cause you a lifetime of pain, suffering and of course money. I'm going to have to agree with the above statement that ironically was made by my dentist....and she was smiling. I wanted to punch her. Okay, not really but the thought crossed my mind. She really is a nice lady and good dentist, despite the fact that she was making jokes about my ill-fortune.
The story of this delinquent tooth started with a mere filling and quickly moved on from it's delinquency state to that of a convict. $1800 and one root canal and one temporary crown later, I'm still singing the no dental insurance blues. The crown certainly lived up to it's temporary status. It was put on last Thursday and they said, "Oh, it might fall off."

Great. Define, "might" to me please. (Insert mental images of a tooth flying out of my mouth or me choking and dying from swallowing the tooth!)

"And we can put it back on with cement (mmmm cement) or you can buy denture cream."

Did she just say denture cream?! Oh, heck that's just what I wanted to be seen buying. That ranks right up there with hemorrhoid cream and tampons.

Well, it did fall off. 4 hours after I left the office...and nothing could prepare me for the, "nub" that was left in my mouth. I stood in the bathroom contemplating whether or not I would show my husband for fear that he may never want to kiss me again. Then I had to make the call to him (he was already at the store picking up his contacts) to pick up a little something extra. Oh boy was he going to be excited!

Denture cream.

I wish I could have recorded this phone conversation because it was priceless. Poor man, it turned out he would have to face the embarrassment of purchasing denture cream.

So for the next week and a half while they make my real crown, I have to chew on one side of my mouth in fear that the tooth will fall off (which it does very often) and I will swallow it. I'm also carrying a tube of denture cream around with me in my purse. Bet you can't beat that!


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Lindsay said...

My step dad had a temporary crown put on...and 15 years later it cracked and he finally got a permanent crown.