Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Truthful Tuesday

Ten truths for Tuesday. Here's to living a truly transparent (whether you like it or not) life.

1. Last week in Target, I had a coffee and set my cup down on a shelf to tie my shoe and "forgot" to pick the cup back up again. I really feel bad about it. No...really, I do.

2. Sometimes I get bitter at my husband (in a loving wife sort of way) because he gets to 1. leave the house without children 2. Engage in adult conversation 3. Pee without someone attached to his leg and 4. Actually sit down for lunch and eat it slowly.

3. I have this fascination with the 50's. I wish I could get away with bright red lipstick and a cute little 50's style dress. My dream car is a 1954 Ford truck.

4. I sometimes feel guilty for thinking that two children is perfect (at least for right now)

5. I sneak into the boys' room after they are sleeping and make sure they're clothed and diapered, but I also just look at how peaceful they are and I pray for their future wives.

6. Wore the same jeans three days in a row last week.

7. Need to take six credit hours in order to keep my teaching licence this year, but haven't signed up for any classes. Eeek!

8. I check myself out in the mirror or any reflective surface for that matter.

9. I dance with the boys in the kitchen to music, even when I know the neighbors can see us.

10. I can't imagine any greater job that being a mom. I love it.


Dawn said...

Love it!!

Andrea G. said...

I love the coffee one... I am the opposite and Phillip gives me a hard time about it.