Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

So along with making lists, I like to use words that start with the same letter as the day. Like Wednesday Wishes, Truthful Tuesdays and Flashback Friday. I didn't really make it up, I just thought it would be fun. So on this oh so grey in the state of Iowa day, here are a few things that I have been wishing for...

Just a few degrees warmer, enough to melt this mushy brown snow. Warm enough to run outside and not have my nostrils freeze together.

2. An end to sickness in our house, at least for a full two weeks. It seems like someone in our house has fallen ill just about every week this winter and there are only four of us!

3. A safe delivery of my new niece or nephew TODAY! My sister in law Christina is being induced as we speak and we are very excited to welcome a new family member!

4. A day full of clothed children. Surprise, surprise...Baylor came down from nap time in the nude. I guess some kids just feel the need to shed those restraining clothes. The kicker is he is always saying how cold he is!! Go put some clothes on kid!

5. Track season to be over. I love that my husband is employed and that he supports our family but I am ready to have him back.

6. My abs back. They made a guest appearance this summer but have since gone into hiding.

7. Dinner to make itself. Wouldn't that be a great invention.

8. A bike for my triathlon this summer. I'm working on it.....

Enough nonsense!

What do you wish for today?


jamie said...

abs.. hm that's a good one! not sure they will ever come back, especially after 14lbs of twins! :)

MamaMiller said...

Doesn't naked kids = less laundry? :)

Jill Kapfer said...

I wish for a full night's sleep and also for my stomach to look "normal" again. Um...yeah, that's never going to happen after 3 kids!