Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boys room

So during Baylor's, "nap" time I decided to get fancy with the tree. I will be adding bugs, animals and a few birds later. The boys love it. I am hoping it doesn't cause scary dreams when they wake up at night and roll over to a gigantic tree. We shall see.
Here is the naked tree and surprisingly enough, NOT a naked kid beside it. Today has been a good day, the clothes are still on.

Speaking of good days....we have had a week of no crying at preschool! I know it's because I had a ton of people praying for it and God answers prayers! It's like he's a new person.

The short one however decided to flush a few plastic dixie cups down the bathroom toilet and it is now clogged. It went kind of like this....

Me: Brody, what did you put in the toilet?
Brody: Umm, some cups.
Me: Really? Did you flush the toilet?
Brody: YES!
Me: Do you see the water? (yes) It's not going down. You clogged the toilet buddy. Where do we put cups?

Brody: IN THE TOILET!!!!



Jill Kapfer said...

We have a lot of clogged toilets at my house, but it's not because of cups, it's due to something that should be in the toilet. Abbie has got some talent!

Andrea G. said...

It looks great!!!! And Brody cracks me up :) I was acutally thinking of Jonah when I read Keri's post, Jill :)

Dawn said...

Quincy went through this stage of flushing army and action guys. We had to pull the toilet and rent the snake from ACE a number of times. Seems like we were always buying a wax seal.