Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chuck E Cheeeeeeezeweecblech

Showing Brody how to drive like a man. Yea, I know, it scares me too.
We were privileged enough to be invited by our friends to accompany them to a fun filled evening at the ever to popular among short people, Chuck E Cheese. I was thrilled to not have to cook and the boys (all three of them) were thrilled that there were video games, balls and loud flashing lights. Nothing like a calming game of skeeball to get ready for bed. (side note: my son, on is first skeeball attempt of his life, consequently chucked the ball so high that it ended up on top of the game.....we're hoping he sticks to running and not hand sports) I have not been to this so called place where a kid can be a kid since it was Show Biz Pizza way back in the day. Unfortunately, this ages me considerably. I had my fair share of birthday parties there when I was a kid and the memories of mechanical stuffed animals came flooding back.
We shuffled the kids into the car and headed to happy land. The boys' eyes grew large as we entered the door and were stamped with this super awesome glow in the dark stamp so you wouldn't walk off with someone else's child and/or forgot which child belongs to you. I had no trouble identifying which children belonged to me because they were 1. So excited they couldn't eat their pizza and 2. Struck with fear (Brody) at the over sized gray rodent in a baseball cap trying to get little kids to dance. I was a little frightened myself. Brody had a death grip on my neck every time Chuck decided to make an appearance.
We did have a blast though. Despite the fact that I felt the need to bathe in germ-x upon my arrival at home. We had fun with the couple that invited us and their two boys (they also had coupons, so we loved them even more) The kids have requested a speedy return to this happy place, only Brody calls it, "The Cheeseburger place." I think for sanity sake, we will not be making any speedy trips back there unless those cool people with coupons call us up again.


Dawn said...

My kids love ChuckECheese. We are always on germ wash down afterwards. Carter and I get into a big competition over street ball basketball, and I always try to get high score on Galaga

Andrea G. said...

So fun! I always had birthday parties with just my cousins Sarah and Shawn EVERY year, while it was ShowBiz, of course! I clip the coupons almost every Sunday, but we haven't gone yet! I was just thinking about it for spring break! I guess this is a sign :)

Myka said...

"Show Biz Pizza" doesn't date you too much; I remember Show Biz and I haven't been there since its name changed either (like...16 years ago).
Glad the boys has fun!