Friday, March 12, 2010


There are lots of things that you know about me, for instance the quite obvious (I freakin love coloring, see hilarious photo above. Whether it be on canvas, windows or the occasional wall) I love good chocolate, wine and coffee. I hate puke, doggie bomb filled back yards and arrogance. I also know some of you lovely people out there are my friends, relatives (hey mom!) brass band buddies, friend through a friend and/or stalkers. (Side note: I am totally thrilled that you read this blog by the way, even if I don't know who you are. Just as long as you don't wear a scary trench coat and thick glasses and hang out in front of my house, that might creep me out) Where was I? Oh yes....things you know about me......talking about myself....things you don't know about me.......blah blah blah

I know, I'm sorry for talking about myself and things not related to my two marvelous children, but I just can't help it. I have aspiring dreams of being a writer. You can stop laughing now. Really, it's Friday and I have two sleeping children. That's right, you heard correctly. I finally got both yahoos to sleep (they were so tired!) and I have finished all other cleaning and laundry so I am sucked into the computer. I don't really have anything monumental to speak of so I think I'm going to talk about myself.....confessions of a housewife. Feel free to exit at any time.

Confession #1
I didn't used to be so funny. I know what you're, she's arrogant (see #3 on most irritating things to me) she's not even that funny. Well, I think that sometimes.....once in a blue moon.....I have made you laugh out loud and/or snort some sort of fluid out of your nose. I think that constitutes as being funny doesn't it? Unfortunately a lot of my humor lies within sarcasm and that is commandment #11, Thall Shall not be Sarcastic...or else. I think having children also makes you see the humor in everyday poo flinging, now that's funny.

Confession #2
I struggle with depression and insomnia. There...the cat is out of the bag. I used to have no sympathy for such a problem but after experiencing it after Baylor was born, I have no room to talk. It's a touchy subject in our family as it is in many other families but I really feel that it's important to talk about. There are many arguments that say Christians shouldn't be depressed, they should have the joy of the Lord....and I want to box them in the ears. Valid point, very much so, but it's also chemical and drugs are sometimes the only option. I do however refuse to use it as an excuse. The insomnia....well, I can't fall asleep without the aid of drugs and I wish I could change that but I can't. I love sleep. End of story.

Confession #3
I love my husband dearly but get a little bitter and jealous when he goes to work or on a trip (like he is now) I am selfish sometimes and love time to myself. Time to do my artwork, read or just shop without chasing yahoos out of the display cases. I hate that I feel this way because it is not cool. Not at all. I also get a tad envious when I hear of people taking trips and going on couples weekends. I know it's not in our plans financially and because of Lonnie's weird schedule right now but I can't help thinking how much fun trips would be! I'll get over it. It also has nothing to do with Lonnie's work, because I am so proud of him and how hard he works and content with where we are right now (okay, sometimes I'm not....but I'm working on it)

Confession #4
I wouldn't mind slightly larger ta ta's. It's never going to happen, but that doesn't mean I can't dream. I will work on being content with the baby ones God gave me.

Sorry. I had to lighten the air a little.

Now that you have rolled your eyes about 123 times, I will let you go in peace. I hope you still think I'm cool enough to continue reading.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Stacy said...

ok...#4 produced the snort mentioned in #1 (minus the goo)...just due to the sheer unexpectedness of it. you're silly.

Lindsay said...

I think you are hilarious! The ability to laugh at yourself (or your children) is a wonderful quality to have. Oh, and sorry about your itty-bitties. Besides, the big ones tend to get in the way...

Dawn said...

Keri, I have suffered with depression at times too, you are right it is a touchy subject that people just do not want to address.