Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family rules

We are a family unlike any other family. We share many morals, beliefs and one God with a lot of other families, but the logistics of our family is different. We rely on the bible as our instruction manual, but still seek out other sources for our parenting shortfalls. Sometimes we wear our pajamas until noon and we let our kids eat sweets for breakfast. We snuggle and have movie nights, popcorn parties and dance offs in the living room. We pray with our children, read books about mummies and monsters and lose our patience about three times a day.
Our children are unlike any other children. They love reading and playing video games, they like to be naked and they love turning just about any object into a weapon. One of them doesn't know his alphabet yet and the other can read. They will probably choose Cheetos over broccoli and watching a video over reading, and while yours may not....I really do not need to hear about it. I also don't need to know that my child was flicking boogers at yours.....at least he wasn't eating them, tell your kid to duck next time.
This week I have realized that no matter how much you try, there will always be families that believe parenting is a competition. They will try to one up you in everything because their family is most certainly better than yours, and they will make it a point to tell you. They don't always do it in a mean way, it's just their nature to always interject that their child is superior. I'm sure we have been guilty as well, of subconsciously trying to compare our children or parenting styles to another. I love bragging about my kids, who doesn't?! There is however a fine line between sharing how your child can write their name to sharing how your child can recite the presidents in alphabetical order while standing on her head. We know you're excited about how amazingly awesome you kid is and how you are the worlds best parent, but I'm asking you to please keep it to yourselves.
Being around these families makes me grateful for the one I have. It makes me thankful that God has made our family unique in it's own special way. It makes me love the little mistakes we make and learn from and love the wonderful achievements as parents we make. It makes me realize that EVERY FAMILY and PARENTING STYLE IS DIFFERENT. IT IS NOT A COMPETITION.
Are we clear?

My family is far from perfect, we sometimes eat refined sugar, burp at the dinner table and let our kids play with sticks. We have our own set of family rules and I'm sure they are different than any other family out there and that's the way we like it. Let's enjoy each other's differences, parenting styles and children and not make it painful.



Stacia said...

If it makes you feel any better, our son can only hold his head up for a few seconds...but he can pee on his own head with impeccable aim! :)

You're right about the competition thing. I think there's also an element of expectation...that you do/think/choose whatever they do. Yuck.

Andrea G. said...


jamie said...

love this post! it's so true! thanks- i love being around people like you (even though we never have :) ) because it's ok to mess up! THANKS! at about every sentence i was thinking "yep.. exactly.. us too" :)