Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fort Knox

This is one of the many measures that I had to rig our house with yesterday after realizing how smart Brody really is. He has managed to climb over the chain link fence, open the front gate, open the front door (letting the dogs out....twice) and letting himself outside to play on the front sidewalk. I had to install this little diddy at the very top of the door, hopefully he won't figure it out because if he does, he'll just push a chair over and un-latch it. He knows no boundaries!
Yes.....I know no boundaries! I can bust out of any form of containment that my parents have secured the perimeter with. I punish baby gates, I undo locks, I climb over fences and squeeze through holes that one may think is humanly impossible.
This type of security might be in our future.......

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The Kac's said...

We have similar situations happening over here...Parker handed me 3 outlet covers yesterday that he had taken off and a few weeks ago he dismantled the "child proof" doorknob on his room door. I'd say let's send them to Fort Knox, but I bet they would work together and escape.