Thursday, March 11, 2010

Funky funk

Macey is in dog heaven. She found the smorgasbord residing under the boys' car seats. It's that time of year and car seat cleaning time. Where we discover all sorts of missing toys, lost socks and petrified food. There is enough sand in the back seat to use for the sand box.
This my friends, is just nasty. I'm sorry. I feel like a bad parent. I had no idea it was so nasty under there. I disassembled the entire seat and found some funky funk growing beneath. I do believe that white stuff is mold. Awesome.
This one wasn't so bad.....a few nuts, petrified raisin and a sucker stick. Wait....I'm sure that was a stick from a veggie on a stick because there is no way I'd ever feed my child a sucker. No way.
This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the other three, I just wanted to show you how cute Baylor looks after his brother smothered his face in baby powder. He was not as amused as I was.

It's 60 degrees out. I may do an impromptu dance in the living room because I am just that happy. I have the windows open. Did you hear me?


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Dawn said...

Brave you are my friend, removing the car seats always makes me cringe, and there is a guarantee that there will need to be some cleaning. I completely recognized that as a veggie stick!!