Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy hour

The short one may drive me to this today.....
I found him carrying a picture of his brother this morning and talking to it. It was priceless.
You know how yesterday I was informing ya'll on how I had to make all these home safety improvements because Brody was so sneaky at escaping OUT of the house? Yes, lots of locks and fancy cabinet thing-a-ma-jiggys to keep him out of things. Well, I was taking out the trash yesterday and in the back yard, when I hear this giggle and then a SLAM! I was locked out of the house.......from the I ran around to the front as fast as I could, only to find a giggling two year old and another locked door. I just stood on the front step the rain no less. Luckily his older brother figured out how to unlock the door and let poor mom in.

Not amused.


Dawn said...

Lots of humor about getting locked out.

laura b. said...

You should talk to my mom sometime :) She might have some insight for you.