Monday, March 8, 2010

Mister Destructo

Hi, it's me Brody. I have taken over blog writing for the day because my mother dearest is cleaning up after me. She is convinced that I am one of the most destructive children alive. I would have to agree. I destroy all that is in my path. I throw, I break, I color, I smash, I squish and I obliterate. Toys fear me, walls fear me and sometimes my mother fears me. I am like a heat seeking missile that seeks and destroys. I know it may be hard to take me seriously because I am wearing a pair of red speedos on my head, but that is not the case.
There is that better? Can you tell by this destructive face that I am in trouble most of the day. I climb into sinks and turn on the water...just because. I dump entire bottles of shampoo in the bath tub like it's my job. I also think that small plastic cups, pocket change and entire rolls of toilet paper belong in a toilet. Who doesn't?
Some of my favorite destructive behavior involves getting into moms beauty supplies. I couldn't resist this foamy hair mousse and boy did I smell marvelous all day long. Pay no attention to the Wisconsin shirt I am wearing, it was a hand me down. Go Hawks.
My mother was perplexed at my destructive behavior and asked her mother if she was like this as a child. Indeed she was. She used to tear through cabinets, unroll toilet paper and empty drawers. I'm proud to take after her.
Here is just a small sampling of some of the work I can do. This all happened in the time span of three seconds. I may be related to the Tazmanian devil. Things go into my mouth that shouldn't and if you ever come over to our house, you may not leave without finding a treasure in your shoe or your shoe just disappearing altogether.

I'm convinced that my mother would be so much more stressed out if I wasn't so dang cute. I just look at her and smile with my dimples and hazel eyes and she is putty in my hands.

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Dawn said...

Keri, how precious!! Good stuff!