Monday, March 29, 2010

The Return of the Ghetto Booty

I feel like I should be blogging today about something very significant and honest. Something deep and profound that would leave you scratching you head and contemplating life as we know it. Something with intelligent quotes and maybe a bible verse or two.

Instead, I am going to talk to you about my butt.

That's right, my butt.

I'll give you a little background information on this hunk of junk that follows me around where ever I go. You see, when you lift weights or use those muscles regularly (like sprinting, hurdling or riding a bike) they become larger. I was a sprinter and hurdler in college one of my nicknames was musclebutt. That name says it all. I could open doors, crack nuts and even pour coffee with my well endowed rear end muscle....and trust me, it was all muscle. After college athletics were over and after pushing two pot roasts through a straw (that would be child birth ) the butt slowly disappeared. Much to my delight, my pants started fitting again and I didn't have the dreaded, plumbers crack when I bent over to pick up anything. You all know what I'm talking about! I was thrilled.

Since training for this triathlon, I have been riding my bike quite frequently and when you ride your bike you use your hamstrings and your gluteous maximus very frequently. The ghetto booty is making an appearance again. I am less than thrilled. With the gaining of muscles comes the frustration of trying to fit into jeans again. I guess I should be glad I'm gaining muscles instead of the jiggly stuff right?

Now that you know far too much about my back side, I will bid you adieu. Sorry if I freaked you out. It's life....or should I say larger than life!


Stacia said...

I, also a sprinter, was once told that I had a 'black girl's butt' a black girl! I understand. :)

Lindsay said...

At least it's muscle. Mine is just fat!

jamie said...

once again.. crackin me up girl! :)