Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I thought it about time for an update on these two cute yahoos. First we'll start with the taller one. I apologize, for this may bore some of you, and it may turn into a short novel.

Baylor has been moved to the 4 year old preschool that meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and he's loving it. We talked at the beginning of the year with his teachers and if he was getting bored or not thriving, then we could move him. So we did. These kids are his age and a little older and he's going to be in AK with a few of them next year. I think it was a very smart move on every one's part and he is not as reluctant to go to school in the mornings. I really think he's been slightly bored (as bored as a kid with cool toys can be) and that is why he has been freaking out when we drop him off. It's three days a week, so he has to miss BSF, which is a bummer because they have an amazing children's program, but he will get to do it again next year. I just filled out the AK (pre-kindergarten) forms this week! Eeek!
He is really into Star Wars right now and has watched three of the five DVDs with Daddy. He has also been introduced to a Star Wars game on the computer. Mom is not very happy at all. Mom hates video games of all kinds and unbeknown to the mother, the father showed him how to play it and now he is completely enamored. He has to earn computer time and to do that, he has to write four words and read four words.....and of course, not beat up his little brother. Today he wrote Mom, Dad, Baylor and Brody. I am so thrilled with his progress with reading and writing, it's so exciting to see him get excited about it and sound words out on the street or on a sign. We play a lot of reading and phonics games in the car which has helped....now if I can only get the car radio fixed (oh, how I miss my music!) and we could listen to something!
He has made friends with the neighbor boy who is 3 and insists on coming over every time we exit the house. He's a sweet boy, but we have to be sneaky about our exit strategy. They play great together and it's nice to have another boy Baylor's age that likes to play pirates and Star Wars that lives close. A few other things that Baylor has started doing are 1. Putting all of this clothing on by himself (it may have taken 35 minutes, but it was all by himself!) 2. He can get on the computer, open the website and pick which game he wants to play. This will change as he gets older and we change the parental controls, but it's nice not to have to help him do it all the time. 3. He is still out very polite boy, saying please and no thank you and trying to teach his brother to be polite too. I can't believe how fast he is growing up and becoming quite the little gentleman. He LOVES every second he spends with his daddy and I am apparently not cool anymore. Wasn't that supposed to start when they are in high school?

Brody is INTO EVERYTHING. When I say everything, I mean everything. The child never stops (just like his mama) but he just simply destroys, opens, shuts, tears, colors, breaks and tries to fix just about everything he can get his hands on! He eats non stop and I hope it's because he's growing upward and not outward. He really has taken no interest in the alphabet or numbers but the other day out of the blue he sang the whole alphabet song and counted to 20. (missing sixteen and eighteen) Unlike his older brother who insists that everything be done for him, he insists on doing everything for himself. He wants to put his shoes on, take them off, pour his own milk, cut his own food and open packages. It's actually quite refreshing to have a child that wants to do things for himself. He is so much better behaved when he is alone and we have one on one time. This is what I love about having a smaller family, truly being able to spend quality one on one time with each child. He is so good at playing by himself and his obsession still revolves around tractors. He has taken a liking to my paint roller, calling it his combine and even taking it to bed with him. I guess his little imagination has really taken off. He is also speaking so much more and just cracks us up with his animated behavior. He loves to talk to people on the phone and it really doesn't matter who it is....could be a grandma or it could be a receptionist, doesn't matter...he screams until he gets to say, "hello!" He looks exactly like his daddy, very good looking with gorgeous hair. He charms the ladies wherever he goes and I have a feeling it may be that way for a very long time. My baby is growing up too and it warms my heart to watch him interact with his dad and his brother. I am very blessed to have two very healthy and happy little boys and one healthy big boy!

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