Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dreaming of summer

If only you could hear his sweet little voice laughing with his brother, whom which he called Bader because he just can't quite get those "L's" to work yet. I sent both of them outside in the rain last night to burn off some energy before bedtime. I believe someone slipped them some sugar crack last night because they were literally bouncing off of the walls. Literally. Like human pin balls.
We got a taste of summer on Thursday and of course, my little lover of water had to drag out the pool. I had to drag out the duct tape. Sadly, this poor little blue plastic eye sore didn't fare too well this winter. There was much patching and it shall soon find a home in a dumpster nearest you. Unless someone else has a better idea of how to dispose of it. Anyhoo, I look out the window and have a brief moment of panic because of recent escapes from our little yahoo. I finally spot these tiny little feel sticking out of the pool that has five inches and falling of water.
He was licking the bottom of the pool.

Doesn't surprise me one bit.

He has perfect feet, just like his dad. Baylor on the other hand has inherited my knarly feet. Sorry kid.

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