Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday adventures

With the smell of dirty diaper wafting in the air, two almost asleep babes under 4.5 in the backseat of the car and storm clouds gathering, why not go garage saling? I mean C'mon, I can't pass up a good deal! I shuffled in the boys into a large metal warehouse and found a few treasures. We loaded up our things and jumped into the car.

RRRRRRRRURURURURURURRRRR (this is a car not starting's good isn't it?)


The only thing better would be if the tornado sirens went of, thus freaking my children out greatly.


WHHHHIRRRRRRRR (this is the sound of a tornado siren going off, it's even better than the car)


1. Car won't start
2. Tornado sirens (which by the way weren't really tornado sirens so I'm told. They were, "hey, lets freak out small children because there is a thunderstorm coming and we want an excuse to ride in our big shiny fire trucks with loud sirens siren)
3. Kids are freaked out
4. Forgot my cell phone on the counter
5. Brody has one ripe diaper (sorry dude!)
6. Enormous rain drops

Luckily, amidst the wind and rain and dirty diapers, my lovely husband came to the rescue and the nice lady at the garage sale offered to take us to a safe basement. I also scored a sweet tool bench and tools for my "fixer" Brody man for $2. Bonus.

I've had enough adventure for today!
Off to shower....finally.

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NYC Girl said...

Guess you should have gone with Alivia and I yesterday....sunny and windy but no sirens :)