Thursday, April 29, 2010

My day is photos

I finished putting prices and hanging wire on most of the window paintings for Chalk the Walk. Here is the load that is going! Hopefully I will have enough room, it won't rain and the wind will be calm. If you're not busy, come on down! It's this Saturday and Sunday starting at around 10am in downtown Mt.Vernon.
She's here! I'm going to call her Bertha. Bertha sounds like a great name for a cleaning powerhouse. Tuesday night, on a whim and after cancelling our first front loading washer because it didn't fit, we headed to Menards. We happened to stumble upon this beauty, lower price (saving us $400!!) and it fits! I am stoked. It's a Whirlpool duet sport and so far so good. Nine loads of laundry later, I am still grinning. Brody was so enthralled by the spinning, he sat there for about ten minutes and just watched.
Forget a mop. Forget my steam cleaner. We'll use Baylor from now on, he works great.
The loves of my life! Preparing for the warmer day ahead. Unfortunately when I dressed them, I was thinking it was already warm out. Brody comes running inside yelling, "MOOOOM, I'm FWEEEZING!!" I'm an awesome mom.
This is normal in our house. Why? 1. Brody is crazy 2. Baylor is pantless.

Going to finish load #9!!!


Janice said...

Since you only got one, is it called a solo then? :)

laura b. said...

I love the washing machine picture...and I'm still jealous of your Goodwill rug.