Monday, April 19, 2010, uh Monday snapshots

Brody's first fishing trip. He was very patient with the fact that he wasn't catching any fish. Maybe next time buddy.

He was more interested in throwing rocks in the water. I was more interested in taking a photo of his sweet hiney.
Safety first kid. You're going to have to learn how to swim very soon!
It was my Grandpa Allen's 85th birthday and all of his great grand kids (Brody, Baylor, Wilson, Gavin and Tilden) got to help him blow out his candles! How cool is that?!
Ah yes, I see this face very often.....not the handsome one, the one on the left....with the, "I'm stinker and I know it" face.
Me in a dress. Doesn't happen very often. I thought I'd document it.
Oh my sweet handsome boys! Love you lots!

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whatkateate said...

Hey! Amanda told me to check out your blog & I love your photos - the boys are gorgeous! Cant wait to read more :)