Friday, April 23, 2010

Things that give me joy

Knowing that Mike is looking down on us from heaven and knowing that we got to spend some wonderful times with him here. The boys will keep those memories forever. Knowing how much Lila loves her family and how much her family loves her. She is an awesome grandma and we want to see her soon. (That's right,'d better come visit us soon.....or else :)
Seeing my dad come to know Jesus. I used to pray for him every night thinking there was no way he would ever see the light. He saw the light alright! I cherish the times we have spent together and will cherish the ones to're not going anywhere, you hear? We have 101 more crappies to catch! We also pray for Grandpa Allen to see the light too!
My wonderful, sexy, talented and patient husband. He has to put up with a very strong willed, spunky sometimes nuts wife. The grey in his hair makes me weak in the knees. He is so good at his job, such an amazing track coach (biased, maybe..but it's true!) and he's an even better father. Still lacking in the romance department, but I'll let that slide since he makes all the cool sound effects when he reads to the boys at night. I am one lucky lady.
This crazy, funny, beautiful lady that I call mom. She's nuts. I love her. She is a prayer warrior and my best friend. She got some er, uh...balls for her birthday (insert joke here) She also got a new bike helmet. The one she was wearing was circa 1899, did they make helmets back then?
The man who is always ALWAYS on the run. A busy busy little boy with a great sense of humor and delight. He never ceases to amaze me with what he can get into. He laughs, he cries, he throws tantrums but he always seems to have abounding joy. I need to be more like him.
This handsome young man who is growing up so fast and learning so much. When he laughs, the big vein in his neck sticks out. He smiles with his entire face. Don't let the smile fool you, this kid has an attitude! He has such a big heart and says the most beautiful prayers at night that start out with, "oh Jesus, I love you...." *sigh* How can you not tear up at that?!

This week seems like it has lasted forever and I have been so frustrated with things. Frustrated that I have been eating so healthy, lots of fruits and veggies and fiber....and gained two pounds. That is not cool. My jeans are tight and it makes me angry. Really angry. I haven't had the time to do the workouts in preparation for the triathlon that I'd like. Frustrated with my health and strange numbness in my hands and feet when I run. Frustrated that my house never ever stays clean. Ever.

I look at the things I'm frustrated with and then can't help think of the amazing things that give me joy. What is two measly pounds compared with eating cinnamon rolls at breakfast with my family and laughing at Brody who just shot milk through his nose.


So I will dismiss the frustrating week and move ahead with the joyful weekend.

Have a joyful weekend!


Dawn said...

In the busy life of being a wife and mom, sometimes it is in the simple things that give us the most pleasure. Those frustrating things that seem so important are just flashes in the wind, and temporary.

jamie said...

seriously... feels like you read my mind most of the time! :) My friend and i just did a fruit flush.. good stuff but hard! i'm stuck at a weight too.. i don't own a scale but am tryin to lose 10ish or more. jeans from before anna i can't even look at :) stink.
ps- girlfriend you look awesome.. that picture of you and your dress seriously.. come on girl! :)

let me know when yall come to IC we can hang out and watch our boys wrestle! :)