Friday, April 16, 2010

A Walk in the Clouds

First of all, I want to tremendously thank all of my friends and family for all of the support, prayers, letters, cards, meals, money and thoughts during this rough time. I am trying my hardest to be the comforting wife that Lonnie needs me to be right now, which is accompanied by patience and strength, both of which seem to be eluding me at the moment. We wish we could be closer to family, especially Lonnie's mom, right now as she grieves over the sudden loss of her husband. She is a very joyful and strong woman to begin with and watching her through this tragedy has really brought those characteristics in full view.

Lonnie has returned to work, for this seems to be the best way for him to move on. I had to control my lips when he wanted to go back to work sooner that I thought was necessary, but then I realized that it is what is best for him. There is a movie called A Walk in the Clouds, it's actually a love story and it has nothing remotely to do with sorrow and grieving, but it's how I've felt the last week. I'm usually a very organized and efficient person, but I found myself doing strange things that left even myself puzzled. Take today for instance, I got into the car holding the gas station window squeegee thingy, tried to put the milk into the spice cabinet and then did a load of laundry twice. It has been quite the whirlwind week so hopefully there will be some recovering from this walk in the clouds very soon.

The boys are finally starting to get back into a schedule back at home and Brody is back to his, "bull in a China shop" ways. I have to lock all doors, give him a snack and set him in front of the t.v just to take a shower without him escaping! He is a busy little man! Baylor has been very distant and spending a lot of time alone, I worry about him but know that all kids grieve differently. He has been loving on his daddy though, which makes Lonnie happy.

Again, just a huge thanks to all of you who have supported us. We are finding comfort and peace.

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