Monday, April 26, 2010

Washing machine woes

This is our very old and outdated washing machine. I think it might be as old as I am. It came with the house and has served it's purpose all seven years we have lived here. Last week I knew something was wrong because it kept making weird noises and stopping in the middle of a cycle. It finally bit the dust on Saturday. The timing was wonderful because I had lots of laundry to do and Baylor decided that it would be a great day to pee through his pull-up on to the sheets. So I now have about five loads of laundry waiting......and they will continue to wait.

We went to Sears with the boys which turned out to be a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Our second mistake was that we sort-of measured before we left. Okay, so Lonnie left the measuring up to me. Big mistake. We found a washer that we liked and was a front loading type so it was energy efficient as well. After making sure Lonnie didn't have a stroke from the amount of money we just shucked out for a washing machine, we went home to re-measure.
Thanks to my shoddy measuring skills it looked like the wash machine wouldn't fit...ever. So we're back to square one and the piles of laundry are piling up!

I believe the statement I'm looking for is, "When it rains, it pours...." because every time something in the house breaks, it seems like other things follow suit. It started with the broken window and now the washing machine.....what will be next? Do I dare say that? Makes me grumpy.

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Crazy Mom said...

your son weighs more than my daughter. i'd like to borrow some of that because I'm more afraid of her not eating for 2 weeks than i was of her going under anesthesia. Plus, I bet no one has ever said to you, "what's wrong with your baby? Were they a premie? Wow, not a premie? Why so small then?"