Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby, it's hot outside

Okay, first let me explain why there is a icky green couch and air mattress in my living room.
1. Lonnie Snores like a frieght train.....A FREIGHT TRAIN!!! 2. Air mattresses make awesome trampolines
It was awful hot today. We spent most of the day outside of the hose and water.
See exhibit A. This is after I had to pull his pants up. It's going to be a long summer trying to keep clothes on the boys.

Last week I had to turn the heat on because it was 35 at night. This week it's 96 and humid. I love Iowa. I'm so thankful for window air conditioners (we don't have central air, be thankful if you do!) popcicles and hoses.

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Crazy Mom said...

Maybe lonnie needs his stencils out to stop snoring. Worked for Mads!