Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baylor's Un-Birthday

Today was Baylor's Un-Birthday at preschool. What is an un-birthday you ask? Precisely that, a non birthday birthday. Got it? Since Baylor's birthday isn't until August 31st, he was allowed to celebrate his un-birthday with his preschool friends today. He was thrilled. I can't believe that in a few months, my baby boy will be one whole hand!!!
....and this cheese ball will be three!

I just got Baylor's, "official" AK papers in the mail today, which made him being in school five days a week, a reality. He will go five days a week (eeek!) in the afternoon from 12:15-3:14. Being a teacher, I do have faith in our public schools (sometimes!) and our decision to send him to AK has given both Lonnie and I both peace. Sure, he's going to learn new and inappropriate words (among other things) but where else can he learn to be a light for Christ in the darkness? It takes strong parenting and biblical support to raise children in public schools and even in Christian schools, and we feel that God is leading us in this way. Baylor is a very strong willed intelligent dude that thrives to be a people pleaser but has a sweet heart. Our role in his education doesn't stop when he walks out the door to go to school. We hope to be even more involved and active with his teachers and other families in the school district. We know many of the teachers and have the utmost respect and have only heard good things from other parents. We are sad that he is no longer in preschool (thank you preschool teachers! You are the best!!) but are looking forward to sending Brody in the near me....really soon...the sooner the better. He's already in love with one of the preschool teachers, so we're all good.


Stacia said...

We're with you on public schools!

Crazy Mom said...

what is AK? Are you gonna be a pto mom? You are....welcome to my world...hahahaha!

Janice said...

You will LOVE the AK teacher, she is great!

Jill Kapfer said...

Is he going to kindergarten this year? I'm mostly glad that Abbie still has one year left, but she's totally ready and some days I wish that she could go!