Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Black eyes and bunk beds

So we have been (okay, I have been) trying to convince Baylor and Brody that bunk beds would be so much fun to have in their room for many many reasons!

We tried some bunk beds a while ago and although very grateful for them, they took up the entire room and the boys ended up sleeping together anyways. So I broke down yesterday and went and bought bunk beds (that would actually fit up our old stair case) We had a problem with the last ones fitting, so we had to make sure these were going to make it. So after three blisters, chasing Brody around for my screw driver and two hours later....we have bunk beds!! I think I am more thrilled than the boys. Last night was a little rough, they wanted to sleep in the top bunk together. After an hour of convincing and disciplining, they FINALLY fell asleep. We're going to add some vines and animals and make them, "jungle" bunk beds. I'm also putting my money on Brody for the first broken bone from falling off of the beds. We shall see!

Speaking of injuries. My lovely two year old happen to catch my eye with a drink dispenser at the coffee house this morning and I am sporting a sweet shiner. Thanks buddy.


Andrea G. said...

Picture, please.

Stacia said...


Crazy Mom said...

I fell off the bunk beds in college a lot too. Miraculously, I never really felt it, and barely remembered in the morning.