Friday, May 21, 2010

The curse of the pee pee (vol.3)

I am certain that I will never full understand the complexity of the male mind when it comes to ownership of his man parts. I find myself baffled and confused yet intrigued by how involved little boys become with their wee wee. Wait, I take that's a PENIS. For the record, you don't hear high school boys or even grown men throwing those terms around, do you? Wee wee, pee pee, wiener, (my husband and mothers faces are getting redder as they reads this, I can see it now....I'm most certainly going to receive a phone call saying, "Keri! I can't believe you wrote the word PENIS in your blog!") junk, man parts, etc. I'm not a big fan of nicknames when it comes to body parts, however amusing they may be. For the sake of this post I'll stick to pee pee instead of using the correct anatomical explanation of the little boy parts. There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to body parts.

PENIS. (It's okay, you can read can even say it out loud)

Where was I?

So we all know that my children have a hard time keep their clothes on for reasons that seem to elude me, and potty training makes an even better excuse to bare all. When the clothes come off, the weirdness with the pee pee begins. Just this last week I have had to stop dinner and have the, "please don't talk about your penis at the dinner table" conversation with two little boys who wouldn't stop giggling. I know it's normal....or maybe it's not?! Maybe my children are the only ones that think their pee pee's are weapons or try to pee on each other in the bathtub. Really. Do little girls do that?!

"Hey, Sally....I'm going to pee on you!! Haa ha ha ha ha!"

I don't think so.

I've also had to have the, "please get your hands out of your pants conversation" along with the, "the mailman doesn't need to see your pee pee" discussion. I know all of this is in good fun for little boys and we'll probably have many more pee pee discussions, all of which I am handing off to the man of the house from now on. I couldn't be happier with having two boys but there are just some things that will be left unanswered and covered up for that matter.


Heather Bessman said...

No, got to say, my girls don't pee on each other....though they do talk about vaginas and penis' in public, and talk about boobs, and try to fart on each other, if it makes you feel better:-) And I just let them talk about vaginas and penis' at the table, most of the time.

Kim said...

No, girls don't seem to try to pee on others in the tub, but I've had to break up a fight in the tub more than once when J decided to 'take aim' at his sister.

Dawn said...

LOL!! You are so right, boys are very involved with their pee pees!! I have a few who are always making sure theirs are still there.