Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random thoughts

Random thoughts.
By Keri.

1. God is good. He answers prayers!

2. Brody reminds me a little of an Ewok.

3. The neighbor boy might just drive me insane this summer.

4. I have three commissioned art pieces that I'm working on!

5. With a small delay from, "Aunt flow" and a small freak out on my part, I now know that I am not ready for baby #3

6. The car broke and the bill was $200. I sold some artwork at Chalk the Walk and it equaled $200. Awesome.

7. We really need to stop revolving our lives around food.

8. Be smart with your money. Don't take it for granted. Don't be selfish. Don't spend unwisely.

9. Just because you think you know everything about parenting, doesn't mean we want to.

10. Before I die, I think I shall swim in a large pool of pudding.....chocolate.

11. Be very thankful that you or your spouse has a job, a house and food in the pantry. The food may not have been purchased at a high end grocery store the house may be freezing in the winter and the job may involve a few nights alone for you, but be thankful nonetheless!

12. Skinny jeans do not look good on everyone.

13. I am going to start working at the coffee shop (Espresso 134) a 1/2 a block from my house on the weekends and nights. I am stoked.

14. Do not give your children saltine crackers after you have just vacuumed the floor.

15. Sometimes seeing isn't believing except for when it comes to wet paint. I always have to touch it just to make sure.

16. In Australia, it's illegal to dress up like Batman. No joke.

17. If you can't convince them, confuse them.

18. My husband is so good at what he does, I am very proud of him.

19. I miss my father in law and it breaks my heart to see my husband grieve for him.

20. I should be allowed to throw a tantrum once in a while.


AnE said...

i almost threw a tantrum at work today, then asked my boss if I could have a time out instead!
we are all toddlers at heart:)

Dawn said...

Love it!! I threw a few tantrums in March, one at Menards and one at Shepley, I may even have stomped my foot at Shepley. Both on the same day! An Ewok? HAHAHAH!! Have fun at the job, I will have to stop down for a diet pepsi and refills!!

Andrea G. said...

As always, I love your thoughts Keri! I really like #2, 6, and 11!

Janice said...

Very random , I love it! You may be onto something with the Ewok. They are stinkin cute too!