Monday, May 3, 2010

Stinkin feet

Not talking about the smell, however I'm sure they do do all feet!

So I have been having strange feet and hand issues when I run (and also when I don't run) I was diagnosed with this strange condition called Chilblains, which is fairly common and my feet get all swollen, red and then grey (it's freaky!) It has a lot to do with coldness but also some circulation issues. It is also a symptom of other diseases such as connective tissue disorders, Lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. When I run, my hands and feet go numb about a mile into the run. I thought it was shoes and then maybe a potassium deficiency, but we checked those and it's not the reason. They stay numb after I run for about an hour which is really strange too. I went to the vascular Dr this morning to check out any vascular problems and I'm good to go. He did suggest that the way that I run (like a dork apparently and very tight through my shoulders) might have to do with why my hands are numb. It may be cutting off some nerves, thus making the hands go numb. He suggested Physical Therapy...we'll see. As far as the other tests go, I'm going to get an echo cardiogram of my heart tomorrow to rule out any issues there and then check with a rhumatologist to rule that out. It sounds like a lot, but I guess it's better to be safe than sorry right? This is what happens when you have a mom that is a nurse! (Who went with me this morning, thanks mom!)

This weekend was crazy busy with Chalk the Walk and then our brass band played down in Mt.Pleasant. I feel like my head is still spinning and that is just with my activities, what happens when my kids get into theirs? Eeeek!

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Crazy Mom said...

You have a nice laundry list of auto immune disorders listed. I really really hope that's not the case. Also, when you come to Chicago on July 11 to run in the Trek triathlon, I will perform some physical therapy. I took a whole course on the pelvis and can realign you. I can also do something called a DOM which may help with your circulation.

I'm such a pusher. See you in july!