Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank you!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, including stalkers, old high school buddies, friends, complete strangers and family who took the time to write an encouraging comment on my blog! I am honored to know that ya'll read this and may question my sanity, but still think I'm cool. I'm glad I can enlighten, inspire and make you laugh on a pretty regular basis. I have fun doing it but I wouldn't quote me as a source for your parenting/marriage/faith filled life. I'm perfectly flawed.

I was having a bit of a rough evening...let's just say officer friendly caught me speeding.....again. NOTE TO SELF: SET THE CRUISE CONTROL!!!! There goes my first real paycheck. Awesome. I totally deserved it because I was totally speeding.

As far as obnoxious comments go....dude, not cool.

Off to plant the vegetable garden and try to think of a brilliant way to keep two boys and two dogs out of it. Open to any and all suggestions....and the dude at Menards was totally serious when he suggested an electric fence (and all I could think of was Brody taking a wee on it....)


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