Friday, May 7, 2010

Workin girl

I like to keep things interesting. I also like to be able to do fun things once in a while like take the boys out to eat or buy some clothes that are new rather than from Goodwill, decorate or even indulge in some new art supplies. We also want to be able to tithe to our church consistently and have seen blessings come from this! These things however, require money. You know, the source of martial fights, family disputes and stock market crashes. It turns people into spenders but it also turns people into givers. Yes, that's the money I'm talking about. My first and foremost job is to stay at home with these two wonderful boys who call me mother, take care of my house, husband and family. The BEST job in the world, I might add. I have been making artwork out of my, "studio" to help make it through the winter months of high heating bills and unexpected expenses. I also started cleaning a few houses regularly and that has helped as well. I am now going to add a third job to my resume working at the coffee shop (Espresso 134) down the street...about 200 yards to be exact. I am very excited. I've also been asked to help with some of the baking, which now gives me an excuse to bake and not have it in the house! The hours will be evening and weekends as soon as Lonnie is done with his regular season. He will also be starting his drivers ed job this summer (pray for him!) We're hoping to pay off my student loan, which according to Dave Ramsey, would make us debt free! It's going to be a great feeling! So wish me luck. Pray for my sanity.

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