Saturday, June 5, 2010

He puts up with me

That's right.

I married a saint.

He puts up with me.

Now this is not a small task, but in fact a rather large endeavor that takes all time, energy and any ounce of patience that he has left after dealing with our two boys. What a man. Upon meeting me, you might not think that such a cute, funny and talented oh yes, and very humble lady is capable of driving a man insane. You're wrong. I can totally do it. Here are some reasons why this man deserves a medal for marrying me.

1. I leave half full glasses of beverages all around the house and then wander aimlessly grumbling to myself about how I can't find them. He's usually the one that picks them up and puts them in the sink.

2. I am the world's messiest cook. Doesn't matter what I'm making, I will create ultimate destruction in the kitchen.

3. I'm grumpy sometimes. When I'm grumpy you really don't want to be around me, but he's usually forced to endure this cruel form of punishment more often than none.

4. I'm not a touchy feely kind of person. I married a really touchy feely kind of man. Enough said.

5. When I get an idea for a project I usually think about it for a total of five minutes and then go out and start digging up pipes or tearing ceilings out.

6. He knows that certain people annoy the heck out of me and he lets me go on and on and then asks, "If I'm finished yet." and then the words, "settle down, quit freaking out or are you serious?" are follow closely behind.

7. Sometimes I don't listen. Okay, a lot of the time I don't listen......wait, where was I? I don't listen and I don't follow directions well.

8. I am the sleep nazi. I freak out about naps and bedtimes and if the kids are in the correct pajamas and if they have their Lovey and if they brushed their teeth and if they washed between their toes and they'll be tired and won't nap and freak out and........then Lonnie puts them to hour their dirty clothes.....and they're fine.

9. He always answers no to the following questions: 1. Are these too tight? 2. Are my boobs too small? and 3. Can I have some money. Smart man.

10. He constantly warns me not to speed because I'm well, usually speeding. I'm considering a tattoo of the words CRUISE CONTROL on my forehead so when I look in the mirror to see if there is a cop behind me, I see them. I have speeding problem.

11. I hate it when people interrupt but I always interrupt him when he's trying to talk to me. He's usually telling me to calm down.....*sigh*

12. I don't like to fold laundry. I like to pile laundry. I mean, C''s going to end up hanging in the closet anyways, why waste my time folding! He usually calmly picks up his wrinkled khakis and pulls out the iron and irons them. *usually*

I'm fairly certain that I could list about 123 reasons why this man is pretty awesome. He is my voice of reason and usually the one to calm me down amidst the crazy life we live. So thanks for putting up with me sweet cheeks, I love you!

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