Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday's Mug Shots

This photo was taken right after the second nasty storm of the day. I saw the sunset and promptly ran outside in my PJ's with bare feet and jumped into the car and drove down the street. I had to capture the moment. It was absolutely gorgeous. God does amazing work.

This is downtown Lisbon right after the storm with the rays of sunshine coming from the clouds.
This was right before the storm hit and of course we were all hanging outside and then the sirens went off. The kids went to the cellar and I ran outside with my camera. This is a shelf cloud, taking on a very eerie and ominous presence.
Our local librarian has two grown up boys who are too big for their cowboy boots and hats, so she gave them to my boys. Complete with pistols. They love them and Baylor actually wore them to church on Sunday. There are some battles you just don't want to fight.


The Kac's said...

I think your boys might fit in down here in Texas :)

Janice said...

I took Gretchen to Garys in a snow white costume yesterday. Made alot of people smile. I may do that more often as a random act of kindness.

Andrea G. said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the boys in their cowboy boots and hats, especially! You have handsome boys!

Dawn said...

Cade lives in cowboy boots, he wear them with everything and everyday!