Thursday, June 3, 2010

Money Matters and the Buzz

Here is Brody man doing what he does best. Bossing his older brother around. "You missed a spot, Bay-der!" Their job was to clean up the hair that was just shaved from their heads!
They make child protection locks for this very reason.
Oh my, look at this perfect little cute boy. Perfect little cute potty trained and shaved boy.
And this handsome little man with the big blue eyes. Love them.
He was trying to suck up his nipple but went a little too far south. Good thing it was too far south, then we'd really be in trouble.
Obviously sucking your skin into a vacuume is not only entertaining, it's extremely hilarious.
Here they are with their new summer do's. Broke out the clippers this morning and gave them a shave. They are so much cooler (like temperature) now!

We've been trying to talk with Baylor about money more lately because he is finally at the age where he's beginning to understand that things cost money, etc. We as parents find it very important to start early with money matters because it is such a crucial thing for a child to learn. If they don't learn responsibility with their money and learn how to save, give and spend within reason, it can be disastrous in the future. Baylor is also old enough to do some small chores (see chore chart) and we will give him $4 (his age) a week if he completes these. Instead of a sticker chart we've moved him on to three cups. One for savings, one for church tithing and one for spending. He already knows how much money he needs to save for the toy that he wants. This way there will be no more battles at the store (he's usually pretty good about this anyways) when he can't get what he wants. If he doesn't have the money, then he can't buy it. We're hoping this will start to teach him responsibility as well. I think America needs a little cup system too, don't you? You shouldn't spend it if you don't have it. End of story.
Another goal is for him to get dressed all by himself without us nagging. I put up stickers on his drawers that tell him what is in each one, like shorts, socks, underwear, etc. I am hoping this will start to lead to a little bit more independence on his part.

Lonnie's heart exam went well today. He is very healthy and they'll be doing a calcium scan just to make sure, next week sometime. Praise God! The only results that I have gotten back are an insanely large medical bill and a Dr that thought I might have Reynaud's Syndrome. I'm waiting to hear back from Rheumatology and receive another huge bill. My toes are still turning purple and sometimes my hands, and they continue to go numb on me when I exercise and sometimes just sit in a chair. I guess I'm just a weirdo. Maybe I need more wine, right Jen?


Lindsay said...

I think that if more parents taught their children about money our country would be a better (and more responsible) place. You're doing a wonderful job!

Crazy Mom said...

You can do what my husband has decided to do and teach the kids how to play Monopoly to manage their money. It's uh...super effective AND age appropriate.

Well, you either need more wine or a trip to Chicago. Bring the boys...we'll hit the tank museum or something else that's totally fun. Also, I just purchased a beverage called, ChocVine, which is belgium chocolate infused wine. It sounds delicious. When are you gonna help me drink it?