Monday, July 5, 2010

Aaaaaaaaaannnnndd we're back!

Our escape to the Vern (Mt.Vernon, Illinois and St.Louis 2101) in photos.
Cardinals home run!
St.Louis zoo giraffes.
Baylor thought he could chase the, little boy, run!
Awwwwe yea! We clean up well.

Lonnie and his mama at the zoo.

Wouldn't want to run into this thing in the jungle.

Um, I'll give you one guess what these are.......and then another guess who made them.
Saying hey to Grandpa Mike.
Grandma sure did spoil the boys, she found this awesome John Deere tractor and after crashing into the car about five times, he finally got it.

Had a blast. Got lots of things done around Lila's house. Went to the zoo, a wedding and a Cardinals game. Whew! I'm beat. Glad to be home!!

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