Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback Friday: Brody the birthday boy

From an early age, our lovely son has always found the most sanitary and practical toys to play with.
He learned to smile for the camera while wearing most of his afternoon snack.
He also learned that applesauce not only makes for an excellent facial but it provides hours of entertainment. I think he's been hitting the boos (see exhibit A, empty wine bottle on the left)
We knew from an early age that this dude would be slightly obsessed with food. What we didn't know was that his food choices would be er....uh....interesting.
....I don't even know how to explain this one. Cheers!! Happy birthday to my baby on the 3rd!!

(editors note: no child was harmed in the posting of these photos and of course no child had access to any alcoholic beverages (although it may seem so) His parents are mature, responsible adults (just don't give them wine) and love him very much. All complaints should be taken up with Brody.)

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Crazy Mom said...

According to your stats brody is bigger than Mads. She can still wear 24 month pants and shorts. She's going to love that when she's older!