Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long lost love

What are these strange things? Bound together and enclosing a retreat for the mind. Creating an escape to another world.

There are no pictures. There are no buttons that make noise when you push them. There are no tabs, pulls or pop ups. I reacquainted myself with this marvelous thing weekend.




What was I missing?! I had forgotten how calming it was to dive into the plot of a good fiction novel. To forget your surroundings, stresses and chaos around you. I used to read stacks of books as a child, staying up way past my bedtime hidden under the covers just so I could finish the next chapter. In college I read because I was forced to endure painful text books and was turned off to reading all together. Next came self help books about marriage and love and babies. Then I soon graduated from not reading at all to reading picture books about trains, bunnies and baby faces. I couldn't fathom picking up a reading material that did not contain bright pictures, glossy pages, recipes and perfume samples.

But I did.

This past week I checked out a book from the library (honestly, because the title sounded cool and the picture on the cover was intriguing...who says you can't judge a book by it's cover?!) with high hopes of kick starting a reading habit. I slowly read the first chapter and then I was hooked. My mind was taken to another place and time as I dove head first into the plot of the story. I read the entire book in one day and even in the car (I usually end up sticking my head out the window with car sickness) I have the bug. I even went to the bookstore and purchased another book to read on the way home. Apologies to my family which I completely ignored on the car ride to and from. So now that my newly restored love for reading has returned, I have a big stack of books by my bed, ready to be devoured. It won't happen during the day, but it will be my little escape at night.

What do I like to read? Strange as it may seem, I love a good eerie ghost story, especially if it's historical. I love mysteries and of course the classics and pretty much anything without a cheesy story line. I know many of you are also avid readers so I'm going to ask for some suggestions on new reading material. So have at it. Suggest away. I'm looking forward to hearing what you've been reading!


Jill said...

The Time Traveler's Wife
couldn't put it down.

Crazy Mom said...

I bang through a book a week. Sometimes 2. Some that I've read recently and enjoyed are "The Alchemist" by Pauolo Coehlo or Coelho, and 'Veronika Decides to Die." Then there's the Twilight series, which is like Suburban Mommy Crack, and I assure you, you will scoff until you pick one up, and then you won't be able to put it down...'Water for Elephants", one of my faves...Oh, I have LISTS!

Crazy Mom said...

"The Good Thief", By Hannah Tinti, The 19th Wife' by David Ebershoff, Harlan Coben writes a good mystery story, I've read "The Woods", and am currently reading "Tell No One", and another by him...hmmmm Ohhh. "Nefertiti" can't think of the author but it's good. I'll make lists for you. I don't read romance novels and crap like that. I prefer a good historical fiction.....I'll go thru my stash!

Lindsay said...

If you haven't read "The Help" yet, do it immediately! It's a wonderful story. Kristin Hannah's "Firefly Lane" is also fantastic. And do read "Water for Elephants"- it's one of my favs!

Lindsay said...

Oh, and "Shutter Island" is really good- mystery and suspense. I could just keep going....

Brigitte and Ben Johnson said...

If you love mysteries, you'll love Shutter Island. It's eerie and you'll be guessing until the end. The Woods is also very good-again mysterious and eerie.
I just finished Firefly lane myself. It's not in the mystery/thriller genre, but it's a great read for the summer-light and fast.

Jordan and Malcolm Granado said...

lBooks by Jodi Picullt (sp?) Love her books especially 'my sister's keeper' 'house rules' and I think something like ' 8 seconds'

Maria said...

You have to read "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. I am currently reading her Lineage to Christ and Mark of the Lion series. You will love them all!