Monday, July 26, 2010

Party on

Meet Frank.

Frank is the mean combine from the movie Cars. Brody happens to be in love with Frank. After asking him what he wanted for a birthday cake, of course he responded, "FRANK!"
We'll see how that one turns out. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he also gingerly responded, "a flashlight."

"Anything else?"


So Brody gets a Frank cake and a flashlight for his golden birthday on the third.

Baylor wants a dragon. No, a dinosaur. No, a dragon. No, a pirate ship. No, a dragon.

August happens to be our party month. We start the month off with Brody turning three on the third, then Lonnie turning uh, well..having a birthday on the thirteenth and then Baylor following suit by turning five on the thirty-first. We also celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary this month on the ninth. Got all of that? It is a very busy month including the start of cross country, school for Baylor and working on an art show for mama.

Triathlon is on Sunday. YES SUNDAY!!

Slightly freaked out. Having a head full of snot last week as well as an IT (iliotibial band ) issues. I think I should be okay, the goal is simple; do not die. It should be interesting but I'm really excited to do it.


Andrea G. said...

You will do great on Sunday, Keri!!! You are in such good shape!!!

We are watching CARS right now :) And David just asked me to fast forward the Frank part! That is too funny that is who Brody wants for a cake!

Crazy Mom said...

You won't die. You'll probably be done in an hour and a half. Then go home and have a margarita.