Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Truthful Tuesday:You know you're a parent when...

There are days (like the one I had yesterday chasing naked boy around the house....don't ask) that make me wonder what life was like before children. We left the house on a whim without bags, cheerios and spare shorts or watched shows without singing veggies or sword fighting heroes.
One of the best choices was for us to start a family, but along with becoming a parent comes responsibility (or at least we hope so) Things change, most for the better, some for worse (but you already knew that...it's in your wedding vows, right?) A few of my friends have just gotten married or are now expecting their first child and I wonder if they really know what they're in for.

You really know you're a parent when....

1. You consider date night a trip to the grocery store...minus the short ones.

2. You're out with your friends and you excuse yourself to, "go potty."

3. Most of your grocery lists are made out in purple crayon

4. You no longer get any privacy when using, "the potty."

5. You are so in love yet so frustrated all wrapped into one.

6. Sleep becomes for the weak. You survive on caffeine and a prayer.

7. You have mastered the art of speed eating....and can do so standing up.

8. The five second rule turns into the three minute rule.

9. You use baby wipes to dust and hope the dogs clean up the food under the table.

10. You use a chisel and hammer to remove food from the kitchen chairs and the computer keyboard smells like peanut butter.

11. You find yourself using the phrases, "Don't put that in your mouth! Where are your pants? and Don't make me come over there." often.

12. You talk to your mother on the phone and tell her what your child has just done and she laughs.

13. You don't get to take sick days.

14. You magically become a healer by a simple kiss.

15. Although you are tired, grumpy, excited, sad, angry, frustrated, happy, joyful and just about every emotion out there, you have to admit you have the best job in the world.

How do you know when you've become a parent?


Crazy Mom said...

You know you're a parent when:
You have no shame breasfeeding and exposing yourself in public.

You are scrubbing boogers off the walls.

You find action figures in the fridge.

You do triathlons for 'alone time'.

Nature hikes become wild animal turd hunts.

You enjoy g and pg movies.

You drink wine so that the nice mommy can come back for the remainder of the day.

You wonder why you bought utensils in the first place.

You go to the zoo once a month. And your kids still confuse gorillas with zebras. Hmmmmm.

Kim said...

You're so busy feeding everyone else that you don't even realize until hours later that YOU didn't eat anything.