Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Name: Baylor
Age: Almost a full hand....5!!
Newest attributes: Can we say ATTITUDE? Apparently he's 4 going on 16. This recent attitude comes complete with evil stares and ugly faces and plenty of, "your face will stay like that" comments from the parents. Along with the attitude comes a slight violent streak. Yes, I realize that boys will be boys and for the most part we let the boys be boys, but when it involves numerous punches, kicks and slugs to the groin areas, we have to take action. It's one thing to be rough but it's another to be disrespectful. He still has a very sweet and tender side which we love. He has a caring and compassionate heart, towards just about anyone not named Brody.
New passions: Animals. He wants to own a zoo. First it was a moray eel, then a set of stinky turtles, now it's a chameleon. Maybe he'll grow up to be a vet. He's also really into Frog and Toad books, Tom and Jerry and anything related to animals.

He is really looking forward to starting AK in the fall (and so are we!) I still can't believe my baby will be five and going to school. AK will be perfect for him. Hopefully it will lead to a lifetime of new friends and relationships.
Name: Brody
Age: Will turn 3 on the 3rd!
New Attributes: Will do anything for food. When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he responded with, "chocolate." A man after my own heart. He's also watching his brother and copying his ugly faces, except when he tries to do it it just makes us laugh. Everything is a weapon and must be used as a projectile. This kid definitely has a sense of humor. Lets hope his teachers think so too.
New Passions: The movie Cars and anything that goes along with it, building blocks and getting into the fridge by himself for a little snack....every five minutes.


The Kac's said...

Brody and Parker I'm convinced would be besties if they lived in the same state. Parker has the same passions. He's currently potty training all motivated by marshmallows. We also watch Cars aka "wacecwar" all the time.

Andrea G. said...

Amazing how they just keep growing!!! You are doing great loving each minute!

You should tell Brody that Cars 2 will be released next summer and maybe he can see it in a movie theater! Phillip and I actually love that one too! David used to hate the combine, but now he doesn't get scared after watching it 20 times!