Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend review in photos

This is why I love Iowa. Due to all of the rain we are having a very green July!
Went for a bike ride to stay off of my ouchie leg (Iliotibial band IT is killing me!) but it's throwing a wrench into my triathlon training which is in two weeks! Eeek!
We traveled to Erie to pick some sweet corn and spend some time with my grandparents. Baylor took up bird watching. He informed us that he wants a bird book and binoculars (real ones) for his birthday.
There was corn. Lots and lots of corn.
This man is serious about his sweet corn. He set up his gigantic flame throwing slightly redneck corn cookin' machine in the 103 degree heat, just so we could have corn when we got there. (see exhibit A) Then he stood there and carefully watched it, as to not over cook the corn! Nice work Grandpa. Loving the socks.
There was also some beautiful clouds. I have a thing for clouds. God does good work, doesn't he?
Exhibit A.
One of our favorite things is to yell, "Hey,'s a hay baler!" when we drive by the John Deere implement store. He was thrilled to sit on a real hay bale.
...and then there's this cheese ball.

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Janice said...

You think I can borrow that from your Grandpa? That would be awfully sweet to use when canning season comes along!