Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hello dear blog followers, I am so sorry I haven't been able to enlighten you on many different levels this past week. I feel like I've let you down. I do have a few excuses though....here, let me list them....I'm good at lists.

1. Baylor started school (wahoo!) which means I have been dropping off, picking up and trying to remember permission slips, which shoes and underwear. Yes, underwear. Don't let your kid go to school commando.....I'm just sayin. So far so good with keeping the clothes on though....that is until he steps in the door and the clothes go a flyin'

2. Art up to my eyeballs. This is why professional artists have a studio and studio time. I have been very blessed to have about three window commissions on my plate and then an even bigger project coming soon. I was asked to paint a mural and use some of my windows in a teen room at a clinic in Hiawatha. I was very honored to be chosen, the other artists that have done rooms up there are pretty amazing! Very excited about this project!

3. Training. Triathlon number two is getting closer! The Trihawk is September and has significantly more hills than the last one. Thinking with some extra money from the art, I will buy padded bike shorts. My hiney will thanks me later.

4. Trying to achieve domestic goddess of the year award. Okay, so maybe not, but there is this little thing called housework that seems to be looming over my head....every minute of the day.

5. Birthday par-tay! Baylor turns five on the 31st but he's having his birthday party with his two bestest friends in the world this weekend. We were going to go to a movie, but it turns out that there are absolutely NO kids movies playing anywhere near here. So we're going to have a pizza party, hit some pinata and go crazy decorating some cupcakes here at home. It's his first, "official" invite a friend or two birthday party. Did I mention my baby is turning five? That's one whole hand, holy cow.

We have been doing some fun things to celebrate the end of summer and those activities include snorkeling in the bathtub (see photo above) hitting the pool with the cross country kids, taking the boys out to lunch at the Skillet cafe and as always trying to keep their clothes on. Tonight I have the windows open and I feel a slight crispness in the air! I love it! Fall is coming soon (my favorite season!) I can't wait! I hope you all have been well!

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Andrea G. said...

So fun to hear what you have been up to! That is great about the teens clinic! I am sure you will do a stupendous job!!

I have to say though you did bust my bubble a little... I always thought that when one was in school I would have more time... but it doesn't sound like it!! :)