Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I did it!

I did it! Completed my first triathlon and loved it! I can say that I am now addicted and will be seeking out local triathlons to compete in. I'm already looking for ways to improve my time. The swimming portion was the best for me, then the bike...which I thought I was cruising...until I kept getting passed. The run was so hot but I kept a steady pace and finished 4th in my age division. I now know what to train harder in and am looking forward to the Trihawk in September!!

Not to be outdone or overshadowed by the fact that I didn't die this weekend is Brody's golden birthday today! Here is finished Frank the combine cake from the movie Cars. It contains so much food coloring in it that you'll poo rainbow for a week. Brody was pleased as punch.
He was showered with gifts from everyone he loves the most! His favorites include the John Deere mower from Grandma Lila, the flashlight from Grandma Kris and Papa Steve and the Thomas train track from mom and dad. Oh yes, and a knuckle sandwich from Baylor.

Happy birthday to the sweetest, craziest and most destructive boy I know. You are such a blessing to our family and we love watching you grow, learn and love Jesus every day.


jamie said...

you're a stud- good job girl! just be pumped you can wear a sports bra after having kids! :)

Andrea G. said...

That's awesome Keri!!! I LOVE LOVE the cake too!!