Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ode to Brody

I figured since I stole most of the post yesterday to brag about finishing my triathlon, I'd create a post solely to the most lovable yet destructive child you'll ever meet. This little man turned the big 3 yesterday and was in cloud nine all day because it was his, "berf-day"
You can usually find him covered in some sort of we have paint......
....then some shaving cream.....
Other substances have included: Vicks Vapo-Rub, shampoo, permanent marker, dog poo, sidewalk chalk, chocolate syrup and some unidentified goo.
We've tried to teach him from an early age that CUBS is a naughty word in our house, and of course dress him appropriately.
We've also tried to teach him the importance of getting enough fiber.

He has always tried hard to achieve his finding that toy at the bottom of the toy box.

Sometimes I can't remember what he was like when he was born.....

oh yes, hairy monkey. No, really. He looked like a hairy monkey. But the cutest hairy monkey in the world. You have to admit that most newborns resemble aliens or hairy monkeys their first hours of life.
We couldn't imagine life without him. He adds joy, humor and entertainment to every minute of our day. He loves to pay close attention to detail, build things and imitate his brother (which isn't always a good thing) I can't believe he's three already.

So happy berf-day little man.

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