Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Truthful Tuesday

It's that time of week again.

Time for truthful Tuesday.

Nothing like telling the truth.


1. I get really annoyed when people drive slow in the fast lane. It's called fast lane for a reason people!

2. I am forcing myself to eat lots of green vegetables this week. I prefer my veggies in the form of V8 and anything green to be frosting.

3. My little boy starts AK tomorrow! I am so excited for him but I'm also a little sad to see him grow up so fast.

4. I noticed that the bottom of Brody's feet were dirty and thought he had gone outside but then realized that it was from the kitchen floor....which hadn't been mopped in a week. Nasty.

5. I haven't been quite as attentive to my children these past few weeks because I've been trying to get ready for two art shows.....and they still love me.

6. My husband thinks I don't listen very well. He's probably right.

7. I make lists for everything. I'm a dork like that.

8. Some days I just want to order pizza. Like today.

9. I wish I could make a living my just making art and someday wish to have my own studio. Today, the kitchen table will have to do.

10. I occasionally pick my nose. (I know you do too, don't lie)

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