Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Before and After: Dining/living/whatever room

Before....the once dining room that has been taken over by toys and more toys. Seriously, these things have a life of their own...they breed when we're not looking. I try to get rid of them and they just keep coming back. Anyhoo, not sure what I was thinking with the dark and light and color choices here, but it wasn't working for me anymore. Soooooooo
...after lots of primer (primer by the way, is very hard to get our of your hair and other body parts) and a lot of mess.
Voila! A calming shade of green that really makes the room look bigger. Eventually, I want to transform it into the reading/dining room once again. It's just a really awkward space (you walk right into it from the front door) The toys have migrated into the living room. I also have a deep hatred for house plants. Just ask my husband. I've tried to kill every one we've owned and this one has remained. I'm not sure where this deep seeded hatred comes from, but they have haunted me in my dreams (no joke) This one however, is special to us because it came from Mike's funeral, but I will leave the caring for it up to the hubby.

I am also getting ready for the Lincoln Highway Arts Festival in Mt.Vernon this Saturday. I'll have all of my artwork there hoping to sell some and make some Christmas moola! Stop by if you're in the area! It's from 9-4pm on Main Street (first ave) in Mt.Vernon.

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Andrea G. said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I need to paint our bedroom... any color suggestions? I have a blue, green, and I want to buy a red and gold duvet.