Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sausage casing

This Sunday will be my second triathlon, the Trihawk in North Liberty. I have fallen in love with them and hope to survive the extra hilly course (and extra is an understatement) We'll be swimming at Sugar Bottom beach, which ironically isn't sugar at all or even resembles sugar, it's nasty slimy ooze crawling with eColi. We bike on Sugar Bottom Road in North Liberty and then run on a County Road F28, which I should know well because it's right where I grew up! I borrowed this wet suit from a friend hoping to increase my swim time a little and really I just want to look cool. All I could think of when I was struggling to get it on was Chris Farley in Tommy Boy singing, "Fat guy in a little coat." Good thing I have plenty of time to get it on because it took me about ten minutes to finally get it to where I had full function of my extremities. The crotch was at my knees and my knees were at my ankles....go figure. I needed to practice getting it off, but I wasn't up for trekking to the nearest body of water. Baylor was happy to oblige and found it quite entertaining hosing his mother down.
...and it slipped right off....except for I fell over.....will work on that part.....wish me luck!!


laura b. said...

Sylvia just said, "What's that guy doing?" Thought you'd like that.

jamie said...

was praying for you yesterday AM while i ran 12 miles :) How did it go? can't wait to hear!