Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Truthful Tuesday: Let's be realistic here....

There are some things in life that you just can't or shouldn't sugar coat.  I often find myself being told that I am kind of negative, when I prefer the term realist.  I am all for positivity and joy, but I frequently look at the realistic side of life.  Life is not all unicorns and rainbows my friends.  There are a few people that just seem to ooze positivity and most of the time I want to box them in the ears.  

It's very hard in today's society where, "everyone wins!" (gag me with a spoon) and we pat everyone on the back and ask them, "how does that make you feel?" Really? 


Like everyone else, I want my children to succeed, have dreams and set high goals but I also want them to be realistic.  In reality not everyone is a winner, somebody has to lose (uh, the Cubs? cough cough)  You have to have a back up plan in case your dream of becoming a tight end for the Bears falls through.  How are they ever going to learn how to work hard and how are they ever going to learn how to fail.  You have to fail before you can succeed.  That is why we are trying to teach our boys not only about hard work and taking responsibility but also about honesty and reality.  

So in the spirit of all things real, here are my truths for Tuesday:

1. I hate mopping. (I do however love my steam mop) I would rather wax my eyebrows with laffy taffy or get a root canal than mop the floor.  And if you live in this house, the floor needs mopping at least once a day.  Gross.  

2. I could never run a day care.  Don't get me wrong, I like watching peoples children to help them out and having play dates but for a few hours at a time....not for an entire day.  I'm sorry, I just can't do it.  I'm loving and caring but I'm selfish and want time with my kids only.  

3.  In college I knew I wanted to get married right away and start a family BUT I knew that I also wanted a good education and a job that I could use later in life.  You shouldn't go to college to find a husband. You should go to college to get an education and maybe God will lead you to your future spouse. 

4.  I fed my kids chocolate chip cookies for breakfast this morning. Mom of the year!

5. I ate peanut M&M's for lunch...and man, they were good.   

6.  I love clothes but I hate shopping for them. I am pretty certain I have the weirdest body shape ever (no boobs, ghetto booty) and they just don't make clothes to fit me.  I can spend hours in a store shopping for jeans and walk out with a pair of shoes. 

7.  I think the reasons people leave a church are pretty ridiculous sometimes. 

8.  I don't actually love running. I like running a lot and when it boils down to it, I just don't want to get fat.  Really. 

9.  I should really be vacuuming the hairy stairs but instead I sit here and type.  

10.  It absolutely drives me bonkers when people go in the EXIT door and out the ENTER door.  I want to ask them how well they can read sometimes.  It's really not a hard concept people.  Today at Wal-mart there was a lady going out the ENTER door and I turned to Baylor and quite loudly said, "see Baylor this is the door we go IN because it says ENTER."  I know, sinner.  


Dawn said...

Dean and I ate at Subway at Wal Mart once and watched the number of people coming in the exit and vice versa. We also noted how many people just plain looked grumpy. I can often look like that coming out of that store!

Myka said...

I can't really blame people with entrances and exits at Walmart. People are used to staying to the right, so the entrance should be on the right, with the exit on the left (when you are entering). Walmart has mixed it up and put the entrance on the left. So do you follow the norm (stay to the right) or follow the signs (enter on the left when it says to)? There will always be people doing both; you can't win at Walmart.

Stacy said...

hey! I exited the enter door at Wal-Mart yesterday. That was just for you!