Wednesday, October 27, 2010


 Hard to believe that this is the face of a wonderfully serious student.  Yes, I know bragging isn't cool and I also find it extremely annoying, but I'm going to take a few moments to simply brag about my kiddo, because...well, he deserves it!
 But first, let me brag about this one.  This brave soul (who has been sick this entire week with what I like to call the, "man cold." No, really...he feels pretty rotten) who sticks his hands in pumpkins to retrieve their guts.  All for the sake of tradition.
 Where was I? Oh yes, bragging about Baylor......yes, the one who is sticking his face in the pumpkin.  Yes, that one, the future rocket scientist.  My favorite is Brody's expression, "dude, what are you doing?"

      ....and then there is this photo.....lets just say that they have been using their artistic skills wisely......

                                                       "MOM! We have chicken pox!!!"
 Back to Baylor.  Last night was the first of many parent teacher conferences for the eldest yahoo.  We weren't really sure what to expect and clearly looked like it as we walked into the school, conference sign up sheet in hand. I still haven't figured out where the library is yet.  We were asked if we needed help a few times and then finally made it to the two lone chairs sitting outside of the classroom.  We entered the brightly decorated and visually stimulating classroom and sat down in two adult size (thank goodness) chairs.  We got the low down on how Baylor has been doing at school.  Fives across the board (five would be awesome, just in case you were keeping track) all except one thing......cutting with scissors.  I am to blame for this one shortcoming in my son's young life, simply because when asked if he practiced at home, he replied, "No, mom doesn't let me use the scissors."  Sorry little dude, I'll go get you some right away! The teacher was also very impressed with how this child had so much joy, he is excited to learn anything and always eager to do it! That gives me hope, because at home, just getting him to put his shoes on happens to be an epic battle.  She also said that Baylor was very polite and always expressed extreme gratitude (we see this at home too) for just about everything.  I am so proud of my little man and his accomplishments. I know it is just AK, but it's the beginning of his education, the foundation for reading, writing, science, art, social name it.  We also know that the teaching just isn't for at school and continue to, "home school" him if you will, every day and every opportunity.  Almost anything can be a learning opportunity.  So as we work on the cutting with scissors at home, we also praise this little guy for being such a good student. Lets hope this continues throughout his life!

Okay, done bragging....for now.


Brigitte and Ben Johnson said...

This made me smile. We had our first parent-teacher conference for Bella this yesterday as well (for preschool). She also is doing awesome across the board--except for scissors. She's accurate but has a weird grip. I flat out told the teacher that we didn't do much cutting at home. So, now I'm forced to allow her to cut. I cringe thinking about her wielding a pair of scissors. :-)

Dawn said...

Good job Keri! When kids do something really good, share the news! It is ok to brag on them a little.