Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Silver Bullet

Today was a bittersweet day in the Speidel house as we said goodbye to my first car, Bessie, the very reliable yet super small Carolla.  We have been toying with getting a bigger vehicle for obvious reasons such as the boys are growing and transporting my artwork around.  We stumbled upon this Ford Freestyle with low mileage and a great price at Cross Roads Car Company in North Liberty, owned by friends of our family.  We prayed about trading in the Carolla and they gave us a deal we just couldn't pass up.  So meet The Silver Bullet, the non mini van (sorry, I just can't do vans! Right Jen?) cross over. It seats 8 but don't let that give you any ideas on the size of our family, we're perfectly happy with it only holding 4, some groceries and my artwork.  I think the best thing is the fact that the boys can't touch each other!! One in the way back and on in the middle seat.  Pure genius.  I also have a radio for the first time in about a year.....which is also heaven.  The only drawback is the gas mileage so I must learn how to hit all the stops in one swoop when running errands.  Just another blessing to add to our family!


Dawn said...

Sweet ride!

Andrea G. said...

Nice! Love how the Lord always provides for us!

Crazy Mom said...

you really should start to embrace a minivan. and soccer. and happy meals. they have made me the woman I am today!