Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Truthful Tuesday: Bad habits

This child....yes, the one SITTING on the counter top looking oh so cute but at the same time very very naughty....yup, that one.  HE is going to be the death of me.  Terrible two's my butt....it's the terrible threes that have me considering boot camp.  Love him to death but this child is giving me gray hairs and making me crabby.  Just ask anyone who saw me today.  "You look tired?" and "are you dragging today?" and "you should have been there, they talked about anger today..." and "is he making you crabby?"  My answers: Yes, very. Yes. You've got to be kidding me. Yes.

Got in the car and the song on the radio was talking about being joyful....always.  Okay, God...you win.

And I digress.

On with the show......bad habits, truthfully....I have so many I've lost count......

1. I bite my nails. Ewww gross, I know. I also chew on pen caps.  I know, I know.....it's better than picking my nose, right?

2. I have this really bad habit of staring at peoples hairline when I talk to them.  I have absolutely NO idea why and it pretty much freaks them out.  Seriously, why?! I should look them directly in the eye balls but no, I stare at their hair. Maybe I'm supposed to be a hair stylist? The only thing that I can think of is that I am details person, I study every detail...including their hair.  Please don't judge, I'm working on it.

3. I leave glasses and mugs half full all over the house and then wander around aimlessly going, "have you seen my coffee?"

4. I don't follow directions. Never, never ask me to put something together that involves following a 234 step process.  I lose interest after step number 2.

5. I can't follow directions.  I guess that would make me directionally challenged. Whatever it's called, I have it and can't find my way out of a parking space.  Which way is North, you ask? Up.

6. I'm very bad at listening.  There, I said it.  It's not that I don't care or don't want to, believe me. I just have really bad listening skills. I blame the ADD.....is that a bird? Wait, where was I?

7.  I follow my children around and pick up their toys while they are still playing with them.  In fact, I follow other peoples children around and pick up after them.

8.  I have a wee bit of a lead foot. Wee.

9.  I check myself out in reflective surfaces.

What are your bad habits?


Janice said...

Ok, I am totally laughing at the hairline one. I have actually noticed you doing that in conversation with me before and I wondered if my hair was doing some crazy thing that you couldn't take your eyes off. Kinda like when someone has a huge pimple. HAHAHA

Kirt said...

To be honest, I have never noticed the hairline thing. I always just assumed you had to look up that far from your short height to see my face so it hasn't bothered me. Can you even see my hairline from down there? ;) Furthermore, what about bald guys?? What then Keri??
Also, the chewing on pen caps is legitimate. I chew on pretty much anything-it's bad. It's only gross though if you don't actually own the pen you are chewing on-that might be a little shady. But yes, I also chew on everything so mostly I try to keep gum around. It helps :)
Oh, and the listening thing. Who is actually good at that? I cannot concentrate on anything-ask Chad. Drives him UP THE WALL. It extends beyond just listening though. I pretty much always have about three things going on-that way my attention is divided. Haha.
I leave everything lying around and can never find anything so at least your problem is limited to beverages...
As for your three year old bundle of love, my offer still stands to steal him away for a lovely weekend at Chad's :) Or, I can just come visit and hang out for a while to take him off your hands. You just let me know.