Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yahoo Stats

It's been a while since I've enlightened you with the updates from the two yahoos that currently reside here. 

Name: Baylor 
Stats: 5 years old, 40 lbs, wearing 5T or XS clothing and size 12 shoes (pretty soon and he'll be catching up to his mama!)
Favorites (at the moment)
Movie: How to Train your Dragon 
Music: Adventures in Odyssey 
Books: Bernstein Bears Halloween books, Anything science related (weather, rocks, dinosaurs, space)
Toys: His miniature dragons and animals, planets and believe it or not, he's taking an interest in art!! (mama is proud!)
Activities: Awana, playing with his new AK friends, tormenting his little brother, loves to learn new things, growing up too fast. 

Baylor has really matured in the past few weeks.  It took him quite a while to get used to the school thing, but he's really soaking it all in now and excelling rapidly.  He has a great desire to learn anything new and we hope that continues through his whole life.  He still picks on his little brother, but they are slowly learning to play with each other rather than beat each other up.  He has taken an interest, much to my joyful surprise, to art.  We got him some new markers and he's been writing and reading words as well as drawing some pretty cool pictures!  He's also dressing himself and has made it the last two nights without a Pull-up on (which is a HUGE deal) Next he will be mastering riding a bike (as soon as we can find him a bike) and tying his shoes! 

Name: Brody Man
Stats: Age 3 going on 12, 36 lbs and slowly catching up to his brother....in weight that his.  Wearing 4T and size 9 shoes. 
Favorites (at the moment)
Movie: The Polar Express 
Books: Where's Waldo, Eye Spy books, Are you My Mother? 
Toys: blocks, anything that isn't really a toy.....spoons, cups, VCR tapes, umbrellas. 
Activities: DUMPING liquids into other liquids (examples: full bottles of water into the toilet, orange juice into my coffee and hot chocolate into the sink water) throwing major tantrums in public places, entertaining just about anyone he encounters.  

This little crazy man has been making life always entertaining for his parents.  He gives new meaning to the word ATTITUDE.  We're trying our best to deal with this persistent and strong willed child (just like his brother!) He talks non stop during the day about pretty much anything you can imagine.  He has also been quite the stinker when it comes to night time and nap time, sneaking around and doing all sorts of naughty things such as putting Windex in the fish tank (they're still alive) and crawling up on the bathroom counter to empty out the medicine cabinet.  He can still melt our hearts with just one dimple smile.  

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